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Crystal-Amorphous and Crystal-Crystal Phase Transformations via Virtual Melting
Physical Review Letters (2005)
  • Valery I. Levitas, Texas Tech University

A new mechanism of crystal (c)–amorphous (a) and c-c phase transformations (PTs) and internal stress relaxation via virtual melting (VM) induced by internal stresses was justified thermodynamically and kinetically. VM removes interface friction, reduces kinetic barrier, increases atomic mobility, and can reduce thermodynamic melting temperature. We combine VM and nonequilibrium PT diagrams to develop new scenarios of c-a and c-c PTs. Results are applied for a new interpretation of c-c and c-a PT mechanisms in ice Ih and are also applicable for other materials.

  • Center for Mechanochemistry and Synthesis of New Materials
Publication Date
August, 2005
Publisher Statement

This article is from Physical Review Letters95 (2005): 075701, doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.95.075701. Posted with permission.

Citation Information
Valery I. Levitas. "Crystal-Amorphous and Crystal-Crystal Phase Transformations via Virtual Melting" Physical Review Letters Vol. 95 (2005)
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