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About Valerie F. Williams

Valerie Williams, M.A., M.S., is a data analyst and mental health services researcher with interests in the areas of juvenile justice, homelessness, evaluation, implementation science, and research focused on parents with mental illness and their families and substance abuse treatment. She has over 10 years of experience as co-investigator and statistician on various SAMHSA/CMHS and foundation-funded projects within both the adult and child systems. Much of her current work focuses on the mental health needs of youths in the juvenile justice system, with special emphasis on strategies for attaining and maintaining high fidelity implementation of mental health screening and assessment under real-world conditions.
Over the past eight years, she has co-directed the Methods Core of the Center for Mental Health Services Research (CMHSR) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, providing expertise and support to CMHSR faculty and staff in all phases of research—design, data collection and management, analysis and reporting. Her interest in research data security logically follows from her role as data analyst. She leads the CMHSR Data Security Committee, the group responsible for developing and updating the Center’s data security plan as well as overseeing compliance with security protocols. This committee stays abreast of evolving best practices and shares experiences and approaches with other departments and centers to help create a consensus of minimum standards necessary for any data collection project.

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Mental Health Services Research and Data Analysis

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Center for Mental Health Services Research
Dept. of Psychiatry
Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
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Phone: 508.856.8081


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