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"Speaking Rights": Evaluating Juror Discussions During Civil Trials
Cornell Law Faculty Publications
  • Paula Hannaford-Agor, National Center for State Courts
  • Valerie P. Hans, Cornell Law School
  • G. Thomas Munsterman
Document Type
Publication Date
  • Juror discussions reform,
  • Jury deliberation,
  • Civil trials,
  • Jury reforms,
  • Jury decision making,
  • Empirical legal studies,
  • Jury instructions,
  • Juror comprehension
Permitting jurors to discuss evidence during civil trials may facilitate understanding and provide an outlet for their thoughts and questions, and does not appear to lead to prejudgment or prejudice.
Publication Citation
Published in: Judicature, vol. 85, no. 5 (March-April 2002).
Citation Information
Paula Hannaford-Agor, Valerie P. Hans and G. Thomas Munsterman. ""Speaking Rights": Evaluating Juror Discussions During Civil Trials" (2002)
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