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Juror Bias is a Special Problem in High-Profile Trials
Cornell Law Faculty Publications
  • Valerie P. Hans, Cornell Law School
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  • Juror bias,
  • Pretrial publicity,
  • High-profile trials,
  • Laci Peterson
Scott Peterson's jury convicted him and sentenced him to death. Whether he had a fair jury is a question that the appellate courts will confront as they review Peterson's appeal of his conviction and sentence. Would the jury have reached the same decisions if the case had not been so extensively covered in the media? Or was Scott Peterson condemned by media publicity? Whatever your verdict, the Peterson trial provides yet another example of the hurdles to fair trials in high-profile cases.
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Published in: Insights on Law & Society, vol. 5, no. 2 (Winter 2005).
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Valerie P. Hans. "Juror Bias is a Special Problem in High-Profile Trials" (2005)
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