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The Verdict on Juries
Cornell Law Faculty Publications
  • Valerie P. Hans, Cornell Law School
  • Neil Vidmar
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  • Jury trials,
  • American juries,
  • Arizona Jury Project,
  • Active jury reforms,
  • Empirical studies of the jury system
In reviewing debates and research evidence about jury trials for our book, American Juries: The Verdict (Prometheus Books, 2007), we have had the chance to reflect on the status of the jury system in the United States. High profile jury trials put the spotlight on the American practice of using its citizens as decision makers. When jury verdicts are at odds with public opinion, criticisms of the institution are common. The civil jury has been a lightning rod for those who want tort reform. This article draws together some of our reflections about the health of the jury system and our predictions for its future.
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Published in: Judicature, vol. 91, no. 5 (March-April 2008).
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Valerie P. Hans and Neil Vidmar. "The Verdict on Juries" (2008)
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