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Electronic Journals Collections in Argetine Private Academic Libraries
The Electronic Library (2007)
  • Adina Gonzalez Bonorino
  • Valeria E. Molteni

The aim of this research is to describe the impact that the emergence of electronic journals has exerted on different services and areas making up information units in Argentine private universities.The analysis focuses on the 27 libraries with journals that answered a survey, and impact is evaluated by means of the survey's closed and open questions. This research covers the following aspects: selection and acquisition, human resources, technical processes, informatics, marketing, users services, library cooperation, and publishing.The research outlines the extent to which electronic reference services are being used in Argentina, and the analysis reveals reasons why leading private academic libraries have included electronic journals in their collections. The number of universities granting access to electronic journals has increased slowly over the last five years, though libraries count on a rich variety of electronic journals subscriptions – particularly databases. There is a lack of uniformity with regard to the adoption of standard criteria for cataloguing electronic journals – though over 50 percent said they did catalogue them. Although the study is limited to the Argentine private academic library system, it provides further insight into the realities of private academic libraries in Argentina regarding access, use, and publishing of electronic journals – which, because of the inherent problems of duplication and cost, pose a great challenge to information professionals today.

  • Electronic journals,
  • Academic libraries,
  • Library management,
  • Argetina
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Adina Gonzalez Bonorino and Valeria E. Molteni. "Electronic Journals Collections in Argetine Private Academic Libraries" The Electronic Library Vol. 25 Iss. 1 (2007)
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