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The Seven Deadly Sins of Aid
African Business (2009)
  • Valentina Okaru-Bisant
Despite all the aid money, more than three quarters of a million children in Africa each year are dying from water borne diseases. Far from assisting developing nations to break out of the cycle of poverty, aid-at least in the form it usually takes in Africa-creats depedency and discourages local development initiatives. Dr. Valentina Okaru-Bisant (Guest Columnist for African Business-July 2009 edition) examines how aid can become a genuine tool of emancipation for Africa. There is an urgent need to move from financial and technical aid dependency to trade interdependency.
Publication Date
Summer July 2, 2009
Citation Information
Valentina Okaru-Bisant. "The Seven Deadly Sins of Aid" African Business Vol. 355 Iss. 43rd year (2009)
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