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Negative Perceptions of Africa in Global Business and Economic Development
In New African (2006)
  • Valentina Okaru-Bisant, American Justice School of Law
This is a longish letter to the editor of New African commenting on the urgent need to change the negative perceptions of African nations as the land of corruption in global business transactions. Negative perceptions which are presumed to be reality continue to have an adverse impact on foreign investment and economic development in the continent. Undoubtedly, the procurement of goods and infrastructure services in several African nations is currently plagued with corruption and inadequate government accountability. However corruption in international business transactions are not unique to the continent. Corruption is also not applicable to all the African countries. Further, several countries in the region have taken and are taking measures towards combating coruption. A case in point is the Kingdom of Lesotho that continues to demonstrate exemplary principles and practices of sound government accountabilty and corporate governance in the procurement of goods and water services. But regardless of the positive measures and good practices, such negative perceptions persist.
  • Corporate Governance and Government Accountability
Publication Date
April 15, 2006
Citation Information
Valentina Okaru-Bisant. "Negative Perceptions of Africa in Global Business and Economic Development" In New African Iss. 450 (2006)
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