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About Valentina Gastaldo

Adjunct Professor of Public and Administrative Law Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
Administrative lawyer in Parma (Italy).
Research interests cover the topics of administrative law, justice and European Union law. In particular, scientific publications focus instead on the interaction between trial and administrative law, judicial protection and the process of harmonization of the Administrative procedural law in relation to Community law.


Present Adjunct Professor, University of Parma

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Administrative law

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Honors and Awards

  • Ph.D. in Institutions, Markets and Judicial Control - Administrative Law - from Scuola di Specializzazione in Studi sull'Amministrazione Pubblica “SPISA”, University of Bologna.
  • Teaching assistant in Cultural Heritage Legislation at Faculty of Humanities at Parma University
  • Research grant holder in Administrative Law at Faculty of Law at Parma University

Contact Information

Borgo Antini, 3
43121 Parma


Administrative Procedure Law (4)

Public procurement (3)

Right of access (2)

Financial penalty (1)

Primary and secondary urbanization works (4)

Primary and secondary urbanization costs (2)

Project finance (1)

Cultural heritage (1)

Charter of rail services (1)

Housing (1)

State aids (1)