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Landing Stable Employment: The Exploratory Study of a JOB vs. CAREER
Berkeley Electronic Press (2013)
  • Valencia Tamir Johnson, Dr., Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Landing stable employment can be difficult and discouraging. Some employers want applicants that are searching for a “career”, and some employers are looking for applicants that want a “job”. Ask yourself, what is the difference between a job and a career? In simple terms, a job is short-term and a career is long-term. Applicants who seek a job would likely stay less than a year, as with a career, the candidate would likely stay more than a year or longer. This article provides a clear and concise overview of the exploratory study of landing a career or job.

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Publication Date
Fall September 5, 2013
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Valencia Tamir Johnson. "Landing Stable Employment: The Exploratory Study of a JOB vs. CAREER" Berkeley Electronic Press (2013)
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