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About Dr Uzoechi Nwagbara

I am a freelance journalist, writer, poet, academic and management consultant. I consult for some international journals that include Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa & Africana as well as other outfits. I have authored five books and over 100 hundred publications in peer-reviewed international journals in different fields: CSR, WLB, African studies, language, leadership and management. I had a stint at University of Port Harcourt Nigeria whilst studying for my MA. I am currently lecturing at University of Sunderland in London, UK. I have both BA & MA in English, MSc in Human Resource Management & PhD in management.
A major facet of my research focuses on the Niger delta region of Nigeria, which has come to dominate my thinking in terms of the huge, deepening paradox that oil exploration has created in the region. Evidently, oil exploration has destroyed the ecology, environment, and biodiversity of the area as well as driven the inhabitants of the region (and Nigerians by extension) into socio-economic, political and cultural atrophy. In my doctoral study, I focused on social and environmental accounting of CSR Disclosures by oil and gas companies in Nigeria explored via the analytical lens of critical discourse analysis (CDA).


Present Alma mater, University of Wales, UK
Present Greenwich School of Management, UK, Greenwich School of Management, London
Present Lecturer, Greenwich School of Management, London

Research Interests

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social/environmental Accounting, Management, Leadership, African Literature

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Race, Ethnicity and post-colonial studies (6)

Organisational behaviour and theory (6)

International and area studies (4)

African languages and societies (2)

Book Review in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (1)

Book Review in Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (1)

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