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Ten good reasons for using a translation memory
tcworld Magazine (2010)
  • Uwe Muegge, Monterey Institute of International Studies

More than 20 years after the first commercial translation memory products became available, surveys indicate that while the vast majority of those surveyed do use a translation memory system, less than 30 percent of translators use this type of tool for every translation project or on a daily basis. Studies of translation memory usage among even the most technically advanced users show that the benefits of using a translation memory - beyond reusing existing translation - are still not well understood.

  • translation memory,
  • translation process,
  • translation quality,
  • controlled language,
  • controlled authoring,
  • writing for translation,
  • content management
Publication Date
January, 2010
Citation Information
Uwe Muegge. "Ten good reasons for using a translation memory" tcworld Magazine (2010)
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