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Unpublished Paper
Limitations and tradeoffs in synchronization of large-scale networks with uncertain links
Scientific Reports
  • Amit Diwadkar, Iowa State University
  • Umesh Vaidya, Iowa State University
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The synchronization of nonlinear systems connected over large-scale networks has gained popularity in a variety of applications, such as power grids, sensor networks, and biology. Stochastic uncertainty in the interconnections is a ubiquitous phenomenon observed in these physical and biological networks. We provide a size-independent network sufficient condition for the synchronization of scalar nonlinear systems with stochastic linear interactions over large-scale networks. This sufficient condition, expressed in terms of nonlinear dynamics, the Laplacian eigenvalues of the nominal interconnections, and the variance and location of the stochastic uncertainty, allows us to define a synchronization margin. We provide an analytical characterization of important trade-offs between the internal nonlinear dynamics, network topology, and uncertainty in synchronization. For nearest neighbour networks, the existence of an optimal number of neighbours with a maximum synchronization margin is demonstrated. An analytical formula for the optimal gain that produces the maximum synchronization margin allows us to compare the synchronization properties of various complex network topologies.

This article is from Scientific Reports 6 (2016): 21157, doi: 10.1038/srep21157. Posted with permission.

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Amit Diwadkar and Umesh Vaidya. "Limitations and tradeoffs in synchronization of large-scale networks with uncertain links" Scientific Reports Vol. 6 (2016) p. 21157 -1 - 21157-11
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