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Can a TRIZ software Help You Inventing?
TRIZsite Journal (2006)
  • Umakant Mishra

A software on TRIZ and/or Innovation can certainly supplement human brain and memory in order to speed up an innovation job. There are various TRIZ and Innovation software available in market. Some are too complex to use, some deal with only limited number of TRIZ techniques and some are having good features of innovation without much emphasis on TRIZ. An obvious task remains to evaluate them and find which software can help you best in inventing.

This article does not recommend or reject any TRIZ software per se. It only describes the expected features of a good TRIZ software and lays out the parameters of evaluating TRIZ software. The objective of this article is to help the TRIZ users understand what should they expect from a TRIZ software and how to choose a software that is really useful to solve inventive problems.

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Publication Date
May, 2006
Citation Information
Umakant Mishra. "Can a TRIZ software Help You Inventing?" TRIZsite Journal (2006)
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