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Predicting Consumers’ Ethical Behaviors Through Attitudes Toward Behavior and Prior Behavior
Management Faculty Research
  • Rajendar K. Garg
  • Uday S. Tate, Marshall University
  • Suneel K. Maheshwari, Marshall University
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While the concerns for ethical issues relating to consumers have dramatically increased over the last decade, research investigating predictors of these behaviors has been sparse. This paper addresses the attitudinal, personal and cultural factors that predict a large majority of unethical behavioral practices of consumers. An empirical survey was conducted of consumers. The results show that consumer beliefs/values concerning the specific behaviors and their own past behaviors large predict the future behaviors. Consumers' personal factors such as age, sex, nationality, individualism, etc. did not influence their ethical judgments and behaviors at all in this study of working adults.

Reprinted with permission from the publisher Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies.

©2011 Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies

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Garg, R., Tate, U., & Maheshwari, S. (2011). Predicting consumers’ ethical behaviors through attitudes toward behavior and prior behavior. Dias Technology Review, 8(1), pp.28-33.