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Unpublished Paper
Confronting Child Sacrifice in Uganda: A Multi-Layered View
Kabarak Law Review (2014)
  • David B Dennison, Uganda Christian University
  • Heather Pate
  • Frieda Faith Letacie

Child sacrifice is disturbingly commonplace in Uganda. Despite various efforts to combat this scourge, Ugandan children continue to suffer and die. The social, religious, economic and cultural roots that sustain child sacrifice in Uganda run deep. Engaging the challenge of eliminating child sacrifice requires a multi-layered assessment of the problem.

This paper begins by providing readers with a sense of scope and intensity of child sacrifice in Uganda. Next it catalogues certain duties and obligations relevant to child sacrifice arising from international and regional treaty commitments. The paper then presents the domestic legal framework relevant to child sacrifice matters and outlines responses by various actors and stakeholders seeking to counter and prevent child sacrifice in Uganda. Finally, the paper concludes with recommendations for combating and addressing child sacrifice going forward.

  • Child Sacrifice,
  • Uganda,
  • Human Trafficking
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David B Dennison, Heather Pate and Frieda Faith Letacie. "Confronting Child Sacrifice in Uganda: A Multi-Layered View" Kabarak Law Review (2014)
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