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Unpublished Paper
The Right Stuff needed for new EV standards
  • Tyrone Berger
By the turn of the twentieth century, Electric Vehicles (EVs) became so popular in a prosperous America, that EVs outsold many other types of cars. EVs attained prominence again at the beginning of the 1970s due to the first oil crisis. Once the oil crisis was resolved, along with falling oil prices, the interest in EVs also waned. Despite the public’s love affair with the combustion engine over the last century, the EV is now experiencing a minor resurgence for the third time in its short history.
  • Standards,
  • The Right Stuff (movie),
  • Electric vehicles (EVs)
Publication Date
June, 2013
Citation Information
Tyrone Berger. "The Right Stuff needed for new EV standards" (2013)
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