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Unpublished Paper
A cautionary tale of blockchain standards
  • Tyrone Berger
Australia is leading the way in the development of blockchain (or distributed ledger technology) standards. Recently, Standards Australia released its Roadmap report for Blockchain standards, marking the commencement of the development of international standards along with other leading economies such as Germany, UK, Japan and the US. The establishment of the Roadmap involved workshops and an industry survey to identify key stakeholder issues and develop a list of priorities for the technical committee ISO/TC 307. Blockchain technologies are used for more than just to create digital currencies (Bitcoin) or transform financial markets (FinTech). It is predicted that blockchain technologies will “catalyse exceptional levels of innovation”. 
  • Standards,
  • Blockchain,
  • Standards Australia
Publication Date
May, 2017
Citation Information
Tyrone Berger. "A cautionary tale of blockchain standards" (2017)
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