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Soldier-Relevant Loads Impact Lower Limb Biomechanics During Anticipated and Unanticipated Single-Leg Cutting Movements
Journal of Biomechanics (2014)
  • Tyler N. Brown
  • Meghan O'Donovan
  • Leif Hasselquist
  • Brian Corner
  • Jeffrey M. Schiffman
This study quantified how body borne load impacts hip and knee biomechanics during anticipated and unanticipated single-leg cutting maneuvers. Fifteen male military personnel performed a series of single-leg cutting maneuvers with three different load configurations (light, ~6 kg, medium, ~20 kg, and heavy, ~40 kg). Subject-based means of the specific lower limb biomechanical variables were submitted to repeated measures ANOVA to test the main and interaction effects of body borne load and movement type. With body borne load, stance time (P<0.001) increased, while larger hip (P=0.027) and knee flexion (P=0.004), and hip adduction (P<0.001) moments, and decreased hip (P=0.002) and knee flexion (P<0.001), and hip adduction (P=0.003) postures were evident. Further, the hip (P<0.001) and ankle (P=0.024) increased energy absorption, while the knee (P=0.020) increased energy generation with body borne load. During the unanticipated maneuvers, the hip (P=0.009) and knee (P=0.032) increased energy generation, and peak hip flexion moment (P=0.002) increased relative to the anticipated movements. With the body borne load, participants adopted biomechanical patterns that decreased their locomotive ability including larger moments and reduced flexion postures of the lower limb. During the single-leg cut, participants used greater energy absorption from the large, proximal muscles of the hip and greater energy generation from the knee with the addition of load. Participant׳s performance when carrying a range of loads was not compromised by anticipation, as they did not exhibit the hip and knee kinetic and kinematic adaptations previously demonstrated when reacting to an unplanned stimulus.
  • joint power,
  • kinematics,
  • kinetics,
  • locomotion,
  • backpack,
  • stance time
Publication Date
November 7, 2014
Citation Information
Tyler N. Brown, Meghan O'Donovan, Leif Hasselquist, Brian Corner, et al.. "Soldier-Relevant Loads Impact Lower Limb Biomechanics During Anticipated and Unanticipated Single-Leg Cutting Movements" Journal of Biomechanics Vol. 47 Iss. 14 (2014)
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