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Personalizing Business Ethics Education
WCOB Faculty Publications
  • Leanna Lawter, Sacred Heart University
  • Grace Guo, Sacred Heart University
  • Tuvana Rua, Sacred Heart University
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Book Chapter
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This book forms a part of the debate on the development of ethical business leaders and provides empirically grounded, theoretical insights for rethinking business curricula requisite for understanding and meaningfully confronting an ethical vacuum that sometimes exists in business.


ISBN 9781780520681

Citation Information

Lawter, L., Guo, G., & Rua, T. (2011). Personalizing business ethics education. In Management Education for Integrity: Ethically Educating Tomorrow's Business Leaders. (Wankel, C. & Stachowicz-Stanusch, A., Eds.). Bingley, UK: Emerald.