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About Troy G Murphy

When I teach, one of my main goals is to shift students' emphasis from looking for specific answers to asking themselves how the material fits within theoretical expectations. I also emphasize how specific knowledge integrates with other aspects of biology, giving them an important perspective on the interconnectedness of the biological approach. I often use inquiry-based approaches to get students to ask questions, and then help them work out the answers on their own, which provides students with a strong sense of ownership over course material, while also providing a strong knowledge base and analytical skill set.
One of my favorite courses to teach is Animal Behavior. This is the type of course that has the potential to completely change a person's perspective on the world — the power of using evolutionary thinking applied to day-to-day events can be remarkably enlightening for many students — and I am constantly thrilled to see this kind of excitement erupt in many of my students.


Present Associate Professor, Biology, Trinity University Department of Biology


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  • Animal Behavior
  • Integrative Biology
  • Methods for Biological Problem Solving

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