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Physical Activity Behaviors During the Preschool Years
Child Health & Education
  • Patricia Tucker, The University of Western Ontario
  • Jennifer D. Irwin, The University of Western Ontario
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This is the first Canadian study to measure physical activity participation and opportunities for outdoor playtime among preschoolers. Preschoolers in the London, Ontario study spent significantly more time engaging in high-intensity indoor activity versus outdoor activity. Daycare providers reported the children in their care had access to approximately 2 hours of daily outdoor playtime. Nearly half the study‟s parents reported their preschoolers did not engage in physical activity at the level needed for health gains. Insufficient activity among such a large segment of preschoolers has potentially serious physical and psychological health implications. Daycare settings afford ample opportunity for physical activity programming among this population. Further research using more objective measures on a larger sample is needed.

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Patricia Tucker and Jennifer D. Irwin. "Physical Activity Behaviors During the Preschool Years" Child Health & Education Vol. 2 Iss. 1 (2010) p. 60 - 70
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