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On-Site Recording of Excavation Data Using Mobile GIS
Journal of Field Archaeology (2010)
  • Nicholas Tripcevich, University of California, Berkeley
  • Steven A. Wernke, Vanderbilt University

Archaeologists have embraced new technologies in many aspects of research, but reliance on paperbased recording has impeded development of excavation recording methods. The digital recording of spatial provenience for artifacts and features, together with complex attributes during excavation, while not problem-free, provides a streamlined recording process. This article describes a digital interface that links precise spatial provenience with digital forms and geo-referenced photographs during excavation at a colonial site in highland Peru. A customized version of ESRI ArcPad provides the means to create and to explore spatial and attribute data in the field and laboratory as GIS data, which in turn can be integrated with ArcGIS for post-field visualization and analysis.

Publication Date
December, 2010
Citation Information
Nicholas Tripcevich and Steven A. Wernke. "On-Site Recording of Excavation Data Using Mobile GIS" Journal of Field Archaeology Vol. 35 Iss. 4 (2010)
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