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Listening for the Echoes: Radical Listening as Educator-Activist Praxis
International Journal of Critical Pedagogy
  • Tricia M Kress, Ph.D., Molloy College
  • Kimberly J Frazier-Booth, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Peer-Reviewed Article
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Using a postformal approach to co/autoethnography, the authors examine narrative reflections of their own teaching practice to draw forth implications for radical listening as educator-activist praxis. By using the controlling metaphor of noise, the authors illuminate the challenges of listening radically amidst the “white noise” of hegemony. The authors demonstrate radical listening as echoes of an imperfect praxis of being and becoming that must be revisited repeatedly over time.

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Tricia M Kress and Kimberly J Frazier-Booth. "Listening for the Echoes: Radical Listening as Educator-Activist Praxis" International Journal of Critical Pedagogy Vol. 7 Iss. 3 (2016)
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