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Globalization, International Human Rights, and Civil Procedure
Alberta Law Review. Volume 41, No. 3 (2003), p. 671.
  • Trevor C. W. Farrow, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
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This article discusses the modern convergence of three traditionally separate topics: globalization and international human rights on the one hand, and civil procedure on the other. Its project is twofold: first, to highlight the role of domestic legal processes and communities in the advancement of the post-World War I1 international human rights project. Second - in contemplation of the specific context of teaching civil procedure - to help bring alive the power and increasingly-global context of civil procedure for the benefit of students.
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Farrow, Trevor C.W. "Globalization, International Human Rights, and Civil Procedure." Alberta Law Review 41.3 (2003): 671-721.