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Public Justice, Private Dispute Resolution and Democracy
Comparative Research in Law & Political Economy
  • Trevor C. W. Farrow, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
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  • Dispute resolution (law),
  • Justice, Administration of,
  • Democracy
This paper is about the widespread and systematic privatization of the public civil justice system. In particular, it: (1) documents the move to privatize civil disputes across all aspects of the justice system (including courts, administrative tribunals and state-sanctioned arbitration regimes), (2) looks at some of the benefits and drawbacks of privatization, specifically including negative impacts on systems of democratic governance, and (3) identifies justice - rather than efficiency - as the primary benchmark by which civil justice reform initiatives should be judged.
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Trevor C. W. Farrow. "Public Justice, Private Dispute Resolution and Democracy" (2008)
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