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The Courts and Beyond: The Architecture of Justice in Transition
  • Trevor C. W. Farrow, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
  • Patrick Molinari
Collection of papers presented at the 2012 CIAJ annual conference held in Calgary, for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals. The papers included in this collection each provide a useful perspective on various aspects of the renovation project that is much needed in the job site that is our system of justice. They include comments on an array of issues and topics including judicial appointments, the administration of court services, court based access to justice reform initiatives, rules reform and the inherent power of courts, opportunities and challenges regarding current access to justice reform efforts, the administration and reform of tribunals, technology and justice, and the role of the press. From international and domestic authors, including adjudicators and members of the judiciary, government, the bar, the academy, and the press, we are provided with a variety of perspectives and useful reform ideas. Collectively, they also demonstrate how important it is for us to seek the assistance of a wide range of voices and perspectives when thinking about important improvements to our systems of justice. Diversity and collaboration should be central themes of any justice sector renovation project.
Publication Date
Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (Institut canadien d'administration de la justice)
  • Justice, Administration of,
  • Legal ethics,
  • Courts,
  • Court administration,
  • Administrative courts,
  • Canada

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Farrow, Trevor C. W., and Patrick Molinari (eds). The Courts and Beyond: The Architecture of Justice in Transition. Montréal: Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, 2013. Print.

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Trevor C. W. Farrow and Patrick Molinari. The Courts and Beyond: The Architecture of Justice in Transition. Montréal(2013)
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