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Oncolytic virotherapy of ovarian cancer
Oncolytic Virotherapy
  • Shoudong Li, University of Florida
  • Jessica Tong, Western University
  • Masmudur M. Rahman, University of Florida
  • Trevor G. Shepherd, Western University
  • Grant McFadden, University of Florida
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In the past two decades, more than 20 viruses with selective tropism for tumor cells have been developed as oncolytic viruses (OVs) for treatments of a variety of malignancies. Of these viruses, eleven have been tested in human ovarian cancer models in preclinical studies. So far, nine phase I or II clinical trials have been conducted or initiated using four different types of OVs in patients with recurrent ovarian cancers. In this article, we summarize the different OVs that are being assessed as therapeutics for ovarian cancer. We also present an overview of recent advances in identification of key genetic or immune-response pathways involved in tumorigenesis of ovarian cancer, which provides a better understanding of the tumor specificities and oncolytic properties of OVs. In addition, we discuss how next-generation OVs could be genetically modified or integrated into multimodality regimens to improve clinical outcomes based on recent advances in ovarian cancer biology.

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Shoudong Li, Jessica Tong, Masmudur M. Rahman, Trevor G. Shepherd, et al.. "Oncolytic virotherapy of ovarian cancer" Oncolytic Virotherapy Vol. 1 (2012) p. 1 - 21
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