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About Travis Wagner

Travis received his B.S. in environmental science at Unity College in Maine. His focus was wildlife management; however, his experiences with counting rabbit scat in the unorganized territories of Maine erased his grand ideas of a wildlife management career. Immediately following graduation, Travis accepted an internship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Toxic Substances in Washington, DC. He quickly found his niche - environmental policy. Travis worked for a series of environmental firms focusing on a variety of environmental projects including solid and hazardous waste policy development; contaminated site remediation; pollution prevention; and regulatory compliance. Since leaving Unity, he has lived in Washington, DC; Raleigh, NC; Würzburg, Germany; Kaiserslautern, Germany; and New Bern, NC. Having become satiated with environmental consulting, and having relished his prior teaching experience, Travis decided to return to graduate school fulltime to fulfill his dream of teaching college.
Dr. Wagner is the coordinator for the minor in environmental sustainability and is the faculty advisor for Kappa Alpha Omicron, the national honor society for Interdisciplinary Environmental Science/Studies.
My research interests focus on sustainable material use through the identification and evaluation of model environmental policy programs with special emphasis on applying extended producer responsibility and product stewardship frameworks to divert, recapture, and recycle waste. My other interest is researching historical evolution of environmental policies.


Present Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Policy, University of Southern Maine

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