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About Travis C Landry

Travis Landry came to Kenyon College in 2008 after earning a Ph.D. in comparative literature (with degree certification in theory and criticism) at the University of Washington.
His recent book, Subversive Seduction: Darwin, Sexual Selection, and the Spanish Novel (University of Washington Press, 2012), is an interdisciplinary exploration of the reciprocity between science and literature in the nineteenth century. In particular, this study looks at how realist representation of the courtship plot in the Spanish novel sheds new light on Charles Darwin’s theories in The Descent of Man, and inversely, how the indeterminism of Darwin’s thought relates to the socio-political stakes of women’s self-determination at the time. This book was published in collaboration with the Mellon Foundation’s Modern Language Initiative, which supports promising books by first-time authors.
Currently, a second book project is underway focused on the legacy of Islam in Spanish literature since the Enlightenment. It uses today’s theorizing on world literature as a lens to reimagine works long recognized as hybrid examples of Spain’s multicultural past and present.
In 1997, Landry received a B.A. with honors in comparative literature from Brown University and, in the four years following, taught Spanish at a secondary school in Houston, Texas. He is trained in multiple national traditions and periods, as well as second language acquisition, and has taught both literature and language courses at Kenyon. Most recently, Landry has contributed to the creation of a new Comparative World Literature concentration at Kenyon, and in 2013 he was awarded a Whiting Fellowship, which recognizes outstanding teaching by junior faculty in the humanities.


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