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Sex v. Race, Again
Slip Opinions, Wash. U. L.Rev (June 2008) (2008)
  • Tracy A. Thomas
The struggle between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama to make history as either the first woman or first African-American president resurrects the unfortunate historic battle between sex and race. The fallout from this false dichotomy is potentially disastrous for both political credibility and social justice. At least it was in the battle for voting rights after the Civil War. Then, the infighting between abolitionists over race and sex created deep separatism that pitted allies against each other and diluted their political strength. In the late nineteenth century, women’s rights leaders like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony battled black men for the right to vote, creating enemies out of allies and perpetuating racist and sexist tropes. The Clinton-Obama contest now unfolding in the media sets up this same false choice between race and sex and continues the historical jousting for power between black men and white women.
  • legal history,
  • politics,
  • sex,
  • equality,
  • race
Publication Date
May, 2008
Citation Information
Tracy A. Thomas, "Sex v. Race, Again," Slip Opinions, Washington University Law Review (May 2008).