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A Model for Strategic Business Instruction
Research Strategies (2003)
  • Signe Boudreau, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Collaboration among business faculty, composition faculty, and librarians at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has resulted in an innovative instructional model that integrates library research, writing, presentation, and team building within the context of “learning business.” The model combines the expertise of faculty members and utilizes active learning principles to improve skill development in research, communication, and teamwork. This article focuses on the model's evolution and three key features—recitations, collaboration, and reframed assignments—that other institutions may adapt.
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Signe Boudreau and Tracy Bicknell-Holmes. "A Model for Strategic Business Instruction" Research Strategies Vol. 19 Iss. 2 (2003) p. 148 - 162
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