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About Ahmad Mahdavi

Pesticide/ chemicals/ toxic pollution reduction and regulations for developing countries:
During past decades (more than 30 years) I made a good capacity building about the danger of pesticides/ chemicals and GM food and crops pollution in Iranian officials and people as well as nearby countries, in Canada (2003-2008) and globally. I am active in many groups worldwide for this purpose. I am most concerned about the <>. I managed to do these capacity buildings here in Iran and nearby countries by the mean of many conferences/ workshops, etc. Examples for dangerous cases here that I made awareness in people are: pesticide/ heavy chemicals in fruits and vegetables, arsenic and other pollutants in rice (imported rice), palm oil in dairy and GM foods and crops. I introduced the neem tree, Azadirachta indica from the Persian Gulf area to the World more than 22 years ago and now I am trying to propagate this miraculous species all over the Persian Gulf area as an alternative for toxic pesticides.


Present Founder and Director, Sustainable agriculture and environment
Present Iranian Society of Toxicology, University of Tehran
Present Professor Emeritus at University of Tehran., University of Tehran

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Postal: P.O.Box: 19615-544, Tehran, IRAN.


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