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About Tony Yeigh

Tony Yeigh BA(Theol) (Pacific Union College, USA), BPych (Hons) (UNE), DipED (SCU), Phd (SCU)
Is a lecturer in the School of Education, teaching in the areas of educational psychology and classroom management. He has a background in Special Education support, and has had extensive consultancies with the NSW DET in relation to the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme (AGQTP). Dr Yeigh has a keen research interest in the area of working memory (WM) and classroom instructional design, and in this respect his PhD thesis examined the relationship between cognitive load and cognitive inhibition, an executive function of the WM system. This thesis provides important insights to Cognitive Load Theory, in that it suggests an empirical means of measuring cognitive load, and in 2005 he was awarded a $10,000 Quality Outcomes research grant for the design of his PhD research by DEST (Department of Education Science and Training). In 2013 he co-organised and delivered the Teacher Education Conference (TED) at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, and is currently co-authoring a new text on classroom management for Cambridge University Press.
Dr Yeigh is a research associate with the Centre for Children and Young People (SCU), the Association for Mindfulness in Education (AME) and the Teacher Education Research Group (SCU). He is also leader of the School of Education Learning Sciences Research Group (LSRG, cf., which focuses on the cognitive-psychological, social-psychological and cultural-psychological foundations of human learning, as well as on the teaching/learning nexus and the design of positive learning environments. Research involving members of the LSRG currently include It's part of my life: Engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics education and a project seeking to identify risk factors in first year university education. As leader of the LSRG, Dr Yeigh also reviews for several education research journals, including the journals Instructional Science and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Education. He is particularly interested in exploring research in the areas of classroom behaviour, emotion and affect in teaching and learning, and social-emotional well-being, and on this basis welcomes inquiries from students wishing to undertake postdoctoral studies in education that have a similar focus.


Present Lecturer, Southern Cross University School of Education

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