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AdS-Carroll branes
Journal of Mathematical Physics (2016)
  • Tonnis ter Veldhuis
  • T. E. Clark
Coset methods are used to determine the action of a co-dimension one brane (domain wall) embedded in (d + 1)-dimensional AdS space in the Carroll limit in which the speed of light goes to zero. The action is invariant under the non-linearly realized symmetries of the AdS-Carroll spacetime. The Nambu-Goldstone field exhibits a static spatial distribution for the brane with a time varying momentum density related to the brane’s spatial shape as well as the AdS-C geometry. The AdS-C vector field dual theory is obtained.
Publication Date
November, 2016
Citation Information
Tonnis ter Veldhuis and T. E. Clark. "AdS-Carroll branes" Journal of Mathematical Physics Vol. 57 Iss. 11 (2016)
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