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About Toni Pacey-Miller

Dr Toney Pacey-Miller BSc(MACQU), BAppSc(Hon)(SCU), GradDipEd(SCU), PhD(SCU)
Toni presently holds the position of Associate Research Fellow involved with the Grain Foods CRC on Milling wheat and was previously involved in the CRC's "Malting Barley" project. These project involve a genomics approach to wheat and barley improvement. This will ultimately identify superior genotypes for immediate commercial use.
Toni has worked previously within the Centre as a Senior Scientific Officer involved in the "Development of High Throughput Genotyping" project. This project developed new efficient ways for the discovery and analysis of large numbers of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). High throughput methods for screening SNPs have potential application in a wide range of research and diagnostic projects. The technologies developed in this project will be crucial in effective application of the benefits of genome research in the analysis of biodiversity and in the application of genotyping for the genetic improvement of agricultural species. Toni has developed a single stranded method for pyrosequencing which utilises the use of a "tag" system. This increases efficiency and decreases costs involved with the pyrosequencing process.
Prior to commencing on her this role, Toni completed her PhD at the Centre on "Changes in Gene Expression Associated with the end of Dormancy in Grapes". The project determined patterns of gene expression as the grapevine approaches the end of dormancy and through into bud burst. Although a single genetic trigger was not found the data collected in this study increased the knowledge of dormant grape gene expression immensely. Microarray technology was used for this purpose and a bud EST library was produced.


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