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The Siren
The Physics Teacher
  • Tom Greenslade, Kenyon College
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One evening in the fall of 1964, early in my first semester of teaching physics at Kenyon College, I decided to try out the siren in Fig. 1. In those days we had a compressed air line in the lecture hall, and I connected the siren to it. It gave out a satisfyingly loud scream like a legion of cats having their tails stepped on, and within seconds the entire campus security force (two men) arrived in the lecture hall asking about the emergency. I have not done the demonstration since. The siren is a blessing and a curse of modern life. It is used to warn us of approaching storms, and also of overtaking police cars. However, it began as a scientific instrument in the first part of the 19th century.
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“The Siren”, The Physics Teacher, 42, 418-421 (2004)