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Gauge Field Preheating at the End of Inflation
Physical Review D
  • John T. Giblin, Kenyon College
  • J. Tate Deskins
  • Robert R. Caldwell
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Here we consider the possibility of preheating the Universe via the parametric amplification of a massless, U(1) Abelian gauge field. We assume that the gauge field is coupled to the inflaton via a dilaton-like coupling, a conformal factor with one free parameter. We present the results of high-resolution three-dimensional simulations of this model and show that this mechanism efficiently preheats the Universe to a radiation-dominated final state.
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John T. Giblin, J. Tate Deskins and Robert R. Caldwell. "Gauge Field Preheating at the End of Inflation" Physical Review D Vol. 88 (2013)
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