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About John T. Giblin, Jr. (Tom)

Cosmology represents a bridge between fundamental physics and particle phenomenology. The goal of the contemporary cosmologist is to search for models of the early universe that satisfy the current observational tests and to search for new ways to discriminate between these models. Tom Giblin is interested in how gravity and quantum field theory can lead to natural models of the early universe and specifically how these models might emerge from various extensions of the standard Model. He is also very interested in how observations of both electromagnetic and gravitational radiation can identify viable cosmological scenarios.
Cosmology is at a stage in which precise calculations and predictions are necessary to discern between different models. Tom tackles those questions that can be answered by numerical analysis or computer simulation. The particular computational tools he employs vary from project to project and include lattice simulations (including spectral methods), finite-element analysis, Monte-Carlo parameter estimation, and multi-processor computing.
Tom also really likes cheese, cheese-related products, and the process of melting cheese on other foods to improve them.


Present Associate Professor of Physics, Kenyon College

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Contact Information

P: (740) 427-5997
Rutherford B. Hayes Hall 208


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