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On Konya Wild Sheep, Ovis orientalis anatolica, in the Bozdag Protected Area
  • M. A. Kaya
  • Tom D. Bunch, Utah State University
  • M. Konuk
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Walter de Gruyter
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Konya wild sheep are classified by the Turkish government as Ovis orientalis anatolica Valenciennes, 1856. Originally this type of sheed was distributed in the Bulgar Dagh Mountains, Cilician Tauras adn Asia Minor (Ellerman & Morrison-Scott 1965). The name "Konya" is a recent common name that has been ascribed to the sheep because of its present location. The Konya sheep is a Moufloniform adn its taxonomic classification is uncertain; should it be classified as O. o. orientalis, O. o. anatolica or O. o. musimon? Cugnasse (1994) considered the Cyprian mouflon as conspecific to the Corsican and Sardinian mouflon and possibly of the same subspecies. There is some consideration that the Konya sheep is conspecific as well adn therefore should be reclassified as O. o. musimon. Musimon as a species was first typed by Pallas in 1811 and was distributed in the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.
Citation Information
Kaya, M.A., T.D. Bunch and M. Konuk 2004. On Konya wild sheep, Ovis orientalis anatolica, in the Bozdag protected area Mammalia 68:229-232:.