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Data-driven Usability and Search Optimization of Customer Portals
Berkeley Electronic Press (2012)
  • Todd W Zabel, J.D.

This article presents concepts and best practices of customer support web usability design while examining and interpreting the confluence of web usability and search engine optimization. This analysis takes place within a framework of customer-centered design as distinct from business-centered and non-support-centered design considerations. Best practices of web usability and customer support web services design are discussed and contextualized with the need for customer behavior-driven, search optimized design and site architectures. The piece concludes that usability and search optimization have largely merged and should be considered as mutually-compatible subsets of the customer web support design discipline. Additionally, it is suggested that supporting the needs of customers through usability optimization as a primary goal does indeed support the broad objectives of a corporate site for branding, enabling purchase decisions, reducing legal risk and IT dependencies, and promoting a positive reputation for the business. The content is intended to help customer support organizations and related web service providers to create the best possible support experience for customers in order to increase customer satisfaction and sales, to reduce the contact rate, costs per contact, and to increase search engine-based traffic to the official customer support web site.

  • customer portal optimization,
  • customer support web sites,
  • customer portal usability,
  • customer support site search optimization
Publication Date
Winter February 14, 2012
Citation Information
Todd W Zabel. "Data-driven Usability and Search Optimization of Customer Portals" Berkeley Electronic Press (2012)
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