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Opportunities in entrepreneurship education
Global Journal of Entrepreneurship (2017)
  • Todd A Finkle, Gonzaga University
  • Manasi Katragadda, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Entrepreneurship education continues to be a high growth area at universities throughout the world.  Utilizing institutional theory, this article examines 27 years of data based on job opportunities and candidates in the field of entrepreneurship.  During 2015/16, there were 466 entrepreneurship positions (both tenure track and non-tenure track) for faculty in Schools of Business and Management.  The number of candidates was 144 for a ratio of 3.24 jobs per candidate during 2015/16.  This ratio is favorable to candidates seeking employment, however it must be noted that these positions included full-time tenure track, visiting professorships, instructors, adjuncts or part-time positions.  During the past academic year there were 142 tenure track candidates and 204 tenure track AACSB positions for a ratio of 1.44 tenure track AACSB jobs per tenure track candidate.  This was also a very strong ratio for candidates.  Overall, the findings of this study show that this is a sellers’ market for candidates. The article closes with an in-depth discussion on recommendations to administrators, faculty, and executives.
  • Entrepreneurship Education,
  • Faculty,
  • Trends,
  • Jobs,
  • Candidates,
  • Salaries,
  • Higher Education
Publication Date
Summer July 18, 2017
Citation Information
Todd A Finkle and Manasi Katragadda. "Opportunities in entrepreneurship education" Global Journal of Entrepreneurship Vol. 1 (2017) p. 64 - 79
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