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Constructing an innovative model of entrepreneurship education through regional collaboration
Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (2009)
  • Todd A Finkle, Gonzaga University
  • Jack Soper, John Carroll University
  • Dan Fox, Ashland University
  • Jack Reece, Cleveland State University
  • Julie Messing, Kent State University - Kent Campus
The purpose of this article is to discuss a new self-funding model of collaborative, regional entrepreneurship education among colleges and universities called the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC). The article will discuss the following: (1) the development and objectives of a non-profit entity among seven colleges and universities; (2) initiatives to educate students about entrepreneurship; (3) stakeholders involved in the process; (4) funding issues; (5) empirical findings that support the success of the EEC; (6) a discussion on how the model can be replicated; and (7) lessons learned and limitations.
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Training,
  • Curriculum,
  • Higher Education,
  • Non-Profit,
  • Entrepreneurship Education,
  • Self-funding,
  • Grants,
  • Foundations,
  • Regional Entrepreneurship,
  • Entrepreneurship Students,
  • Collaboration,
  • Regional Entrepreneurship Initiative,
  • Kauffman Foundation,
  • Universities,
  • Students,
  • Ohio,
  • Startups,
  • Startup
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Todd A Finkle, Jack Soper, Dan Fox, Jack Reece, et al.. "Constructing an innovative model of entrepreneurship education through regional collaboration" Journal of Entrepreneurship Education Vol. 12 (2009) p. 43 - 68
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