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Minority Representation under Cumulative and Limited Voting
The Journal of Politics
  • Todd Donovan, Western Washington University
  • David Brockington
  • Shaun Bowler
  • Robert Brischetto
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We examine minority representation resulting from modified at-large elections (cumulative and limited voting) used in U.S. localities in the 1990s. Hypotheses about the relative proportionality of descriptive representation under various local election systems are presented and tested. We find that CV/LV elections produced descriptive representation of African-Americans at levels similar to those in larger single-member district places, and at levels that exceed those from some small, southern SMD places. Results for Latino representation are more qualified. Our results offer encouragement for those interested in facilitating minority representation without using the acrimonious process of drawing districts on the basis of races.
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Todd Donovan, David Brockington, Shaun Bowler and Robert Brischetto. "Minority Representation under Cumulative and Limited Voting" The Journal of Politics Vol. 60 Iss. 4 (1998) p. 1108 - 1125
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