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About Todd Koetje

Archaeology uses scientific field work and laboratory techniques to investigate past human societies and the processes and effects of cultural evolution through the study of material remains.

Western’s Anthropology Department has a small but growing program in archaeology, and is active in regional prehistoric and historic archaeology. Both undergraduate and graduate student’s participation in fieldwork in encouraged and is necessary if one is to enter the field professionally. Unlike some professions, archaeology can be entered on some levels with a BA degree, although MA and Ph.D. work offer greater opportunities.

Archeology also has its practical applications. For example: Archaeologist reconstructed ancient techniques used to grow fruit trees and other crops in the Negev Desert. Modern farmers successfully applied these ancient farming techniques to make the desert productive again for the first time in two thousand years.


Present Faculty Member, Western Washington University Western Expert
Present Associate Professor, Western Washington University Department of Anthropology
Present Chair, Western Washington University Department of Anthropology

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  • Anth 102: Introduction to Human Origins
  • Anth 210: Introduction to Archaeology
  • Anth 308: Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Society
  • Anth 310: The Rise of Civilizations
  • Anth 312: Field Course in Archeaology
  • Anth 314: Archaeology of North America
  • Anth 335: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
  • Anth 415/515: Archaelogical Spatial Anaysis
  • Anth 495: Teach and Learn Process in Anthropology


1989 Ph.D., University of Tennessee ‐ Department of Anthropology
1985 M.A., State University of New York at Binghamton ‐ Department of Anthropology
1983 B.A., University of Washington ‐ Department of Anthropology

Contact Information

Todd Koetje
Arntzen Hall, Room 344
Department of Anthropology
Western Washington University
Phone: (518) 650-4791


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