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Academic Research Librarians with Subject Doctorates: Experiences and Perceptions 1965-2006
portal: Libraries and the Academy
  • Thea Lindquist
  • Todd Gilman, Yale University
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The topic of academic/research librarians with subject doctorates remains largely unexplored. Based on survey data gathered from subject-doctorate holders (excluding those with doctorates in LIS) currently working in U.S. and Canadian academic/research libraries, this article extends the analysis published by the authors in the January 2008 issue of portal: Libraries and the Academy. While the first article featured quantitative analysis to highlight data and trends relating to these librarians over a 40-year period, focusing on their demographic profile, educational background, paths into librarianship, and range of positions, this article analyzes qualitative data to report their perceptions about their work environment and the advantages and challenges of academic librarianship as a career. Providing more information about this group of librarians and their experiences highlights the valuable skills they bring to the academic/research library environment. Moreover, it can help advanced-degree holders to determine whether a career in librarianship is right for them.
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Thea Lindquist and Todd Gilman. "Academic Research Librarians with Subject Doctorates: Experiences and Perceptions 1965-2006" portal: Libraries and the Academy Vol. 10 Iss. 4 (2010) p. 399 - 412
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