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The Definition of a “Soldier”
Gloss Magazine Online (2007)
  • Toby S Jenkins, George Mason University

Black men have been placed under the social radar and microscope for centuries in an attempt to better define what it is, means, or feels to be a black man. Everything from their genetic makeup to their mental psyche has been examined, defined, and discussed. And through it all, black women have offered up their own critical thoughts, words of support, and opinions on the dilemma of being black and male in America. The views have changed as much as the experiences that our men have faced—from enslavement to imprisonment, from no education to mis-education, from predatory practices leading to lynching to police profiling leading to the systemic loss of life—black men have most definitely faced an ever changing experience in America. However, among all of these changes one thing has remained constant—black women have and will probably always be the prevailing lovers and supporters of black men. When no one else dared to love black men, we did.

Publication Date
Fall 2007
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Toby S Jenkins. "The Definition of a “Soldier”" Gloss Magazine Online (2007)
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