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Required Reading for Library Administrators Part 1
Library Administration and Management
  • Eric C. Shoaf, Clemson University
  • Tobeylynn Birch
  • Mark T. Day
  • William B. Edgar
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American Library Association
The library and information science literature is overflowing with how-to articles, particularly how to manage the library. Increasingly, library managers find that the time they have available to peruse such literature lessens as other professional demands intrude. With this trend in mind, members of the Comparative Library Organization Committee (CLOC), a LAMA/LOMS standing committee, decided that a list of required readings is in order. Not just another bibliography, the selection of titles was developed using citation analysis, or bibliometrics, to select highly cited authors and titles for works published outside of the professional library literature, and for works published within that literature.(FN1) Members of CLOC then annotated the top twenty titles in each of the two categories from the critical perspective of professional practice. Part one of this work, published in Library Administration and Management (volume 16, number 3, summer 2002), contained the twenty most highly cited works published outside the library profession. This second part contains the twenty most highly cited works published in the library literature. Part one includes an extensive description of how the lists were compiled and will not be repeated here.
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