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Open-source MFIX-DEM software for gas-solids flows: Part II – validation studies
Powder Technology (2011)
  • Tingwen Li, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Rahul Garg
  • Janine Galvin
  • Sreekanth Pannala
With rapid advancements in computer hardware and numerical algorithms, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has been increasingly employed as a useful tool for investigating the complex hydrodynamics inherent in multiphase flows. An important step during the development of a CFD model and prior to its application is conducting careful and comprehensive verification and validation studies. Accordingly, efforts to verify and validate the open-source MFIX-DEM software, which can be used for simulating the gas-solids flow using an Eulerian reference frame for the continuum fluid and a Lagrangian discrete framework (Discrete Element Method) for the particles, have been made at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). In part I of this paper, extensive verification studies were presented and in this part, detailed validation studies of MFIX-DEM are presented. A series of test cases covering a range of gas-solids flow applications were conducted. In particular the numerical results for the random packing of a binary particle mixture, the repose angle of a sandpile formed during a side charge process, velocity, granular temperature, and voidage profiles from a bounded granular shear flow, lateral voidage and velocity profiles from a monodisperse bubbling fluidized bed, lateral velocity profiles from a spouted bed, and the dynamics of segregation of a binary mixture in a bubbling bed were compared with available experimental data, and in some instances with empirical correlations. In addition, sensitivity studies were conducted for various parameters to quantify the error in the numerical simulation.
  • Discrete Element Method (DEM),
  • Computational Gas-Solids Flow,
  • Lagrangian-Eulerian (LE),
  • Eulerian-Eulerian (EE),
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics,
  • Multiphase flows
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Tingwen Li, Rahul Garg, Janine Galvin and Sreekanth Pannala. "Open-source MFIX-DEM software for gas-solids flows: Part II – validation studies" Powder Technology (2011)
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