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Developing a shared understanding of conflict : foundations for Sino-Western mediation
China Media Research
  • Dean William TJOSVOLD, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Lin WANG, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • conflict management,
  • cooperation and competition,
  • cultural values
Conflict is pervasive especially when people from diverse cultures live and work together. Thus, clearly understanding conflict and how it can be approached is vital to productive collaboration in Sino-Western teams. Based on considerable studies conducted in both China and West, this paper identifies how Chinese and Western partners can develop their common capabilities to manage conflict constructively to get things done and strengthen their relationships.
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
Tjosvold, D., & Wang, L. (2013). Developing a shared understanding of conflict: Foundations for Sino-Western mediation. China Media Research, 9(4), 76-84.